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Welcome to MommyFit Murrieta

Whether you are a soon to be mom, 1st time mom, or 7th time mom, you are welcome here! We understand these years to be pivotal for our children’s growth, yet emotionally and physically demanding. Moms need other moms to connect with during this time, to dialogue with, and encourage one another. Every month we offer playdates for all the kids and Mom’s Night Out. All fitness levels welcome!

Come meet mommy friends and get fit!

What's in a Typical Group?

Each class targets different muscle groups and is designed to help you lose weight and tone up. No two classes are the same. Nursing baby or attending to your kid’s needs during class is very normal & expected, but you can jump right back in anytime. Newsletters are emailed at the end of each month with the next months fitness schedule and events.

What About My Kids?

It is okay to bring a stroller or car seat in for your little one, but is not needed. Some mommies bring a blanket, snacks, coloring book, or toy for their younger children to play next to them. The older walking/running kids usually play together. Other Mamas come work out without kids.

Why Should I Join?

MommyFit is a special group of mommies with the mindset to get healthier. We meet to build up and encourage one another in our pursuits of motherhood and to grow as women, mommies, and leaders in our families. Our group is warm and welcoming and we can’t wait to meet you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Come meet mommy friends and get fit!